Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's official, we are having a boy! I went to the doctor on Tuesday and they wanted to do an ultrasound, so in we went not expecting to find out if it was a girl or boy. The ultrasound technician asked us if we wanted to know what our baby would be and we said at the same time, "YES!" I thought I was only 14 weeks along and my due date was November 21. Our guess was wrong, which is okay by me becuase I'm 16 weeks along and due November 10, my mother-in-law's birthday! How cool is that? We heard the heartbeat and everything looked really good. While she was trying to find different organs, our baby boy put his hand on his head and it looked like he was saying, "Stop pushing on me, I'm getting a headache!" It was really cute. It's amazing to see the baby move on the screen, it just makes it so real to us that we are having another baby. Thank you God for this wonderful gift! Lucas is super excited becuase he wanted a brother. Sidney was just a tiny bit disappointed it wasn't a girl, but it's still all she can talk about! She is going to be a great helper. So here I am at 16 weeks. Stay tuned for more pictures when I get even fatter! Yeah!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Very Random Blog

I couldn't decide what to blog about today but I knew that I needed to blog about something. It's been awhile! First of all I want to report that I think our WHOLE family is finally well and feeling good. I think we went through about a month of someone being sick. It's good to be well and our normal selves. When someone is sick in your family, your whole schedule get thrown out the window. I'm very blessed, though, that I have a wonderful job that allows me to stay home with my kids. I finally went to my first visit to the OB-GYN, but I only saw a nurse for all the business part of having a baby. They took five vials of blood! Five vials! And it took them three tries and two nurses to hit a vein! Needless to say, that wasn't one of my favorite days. This Tuesday I see my docotor and hear the baby's heart beat. I'm showing a little more each day and just this morning I tried on a shirt and it was too snug. Here comes the maternity clothes. :(
At least they're cute now and not just shirts that look like tents. Today the church had our western cookout. It was fun to see everyone and have a chance to talk. Usually on Sundays I'm so busy, I can't just visit with people. To make it even better, the weather couldn't have been nicer! I hope Memorial Day is just as nice. We will be attending a high school baseball game in the morning and then heading over to the Sorenson's for a cookout. I'm looking forward to this nice relaxing day with family. I hope all of you will be spending some time with family because you never know what is going to happen. Finding out what happened to Steven Curtis Chapman's family was devastating and I can't even fathom what they are feeling right now. I am just praising God that I am able to spend time with my family and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I guess I've been tagged so I hope I'm doing this right! Here are my answers.

Questions:1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was graduating college, getting married a couple days later, and moving to California with my new husband.

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list? This all has to do with my job as Children's Pastor. Copy puppet skits off for my volunteers, call about fake grass carpet to use in KidZone, prepare my talk for Route 456 on Sunday night, order crafts, and get my announcements in the bulliten.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? trail mix, cheez-its, cocoa krispies, dill pickles, and yogurt.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire. PAY OFF ALL MY DEBT! Travel to a third world country and help orphans, travel to Europe with my husband, buy a new van, ask the church not to pay me anymore and use the money to improve our kid areas at the church.

5. Name some places where you have lived. Plains, Kansas; Haviland, Kansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Escondido, California; Vista, California; Rancho Bernardo, California; Temecula, California; Farmland, Indiana (here to stay awhile!)

6. Name some bad habits you have. Bite my nails when I'm nervous, let laundry pile up, not making my bed every morning, tending to eat out more than I cook becuase I'm lazy, eating sweets, not exercising.

7. Name some jobs you have had. Dressed-up in a Subway sandwich for Subway, made scarecrow dolls at Silver Dollar City, worked in the bakery at Silver Dollar City, salesperson at Nordstroms, teacher's aide, librarian, stay-at-home mom (my favorite job ever!), and Children's Pastor

People I'm tagging:

Kimberly,Nathan,Tammy,Kris,Jeff,Mindy, and James

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a horrible mom!

First of all, while James and I were gone to Atlanta we got a call from my mom to say that Lucas came home sick. Well, as a mom you know when your kids are sick and your not home with them you feel like dirt. I wanted to run home and hug him and tell him it'll be okay, mommy's here. My mom said he was laying his head down on the desk at school so the teacher knew there was something wrong. There goes the knife in the heart! I will say that I'm so blessed that my mom was with him because I wouldn't want to have anyone else with my kids when they're sick. It helps that she's a nurse too! After we got back, he was running a fever and had a cough. With Lucas in the past he usually runs a fever for a couple of days and then he's fine. Not this time of course, he went five days with a fever! I know what you are saying, TAKE HIM TO THE DOCTOR! Well I did finally today and we found out that he has strep throat. Needless to say, I felt horrible. But, his throat was never sore so I never even thought about it. To all the parents out there, a sore throat isn't always a symptom of strep throat. Please learn from my mistake! Lucas is feeling better today, so this story has a happy ending. Thank you God!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Seeing Orange

What a great week! James and I had the opportunity to attend the Orange Conference in Atlanta and we stayed right in the middle of the city as you can see by the view from our window. The main focus of the conference was to rethink ministry and to step out of the "church" box. Every session was "uncensored" becuase most of the speakers said what was on their hearts without worrying about what we might think or who it would offend. It was so refreshing. Time after time the speakers, worship leaders, and mc's focused on God and not on glory for themselves. Francis Chan was incredible in the way he showed us his passion for everything God. Louie Giglio was so real and talked about churches that are so far on the side of cultural relevance that they lose sight of the simple fact that people need God. He said one statement that really got me thinking, he said "God is our culture!" As Christians we need to live for God not for the lastest gadget or movie to come out. People need God more than they need the lastest thought on God. I really loved that. God is our culture, he is what we are living for, he gives us life, he loves us. What more do we need to tell people? James and I came away from the conference with a refreshing look at ministry and some great ideas. I think it was a successful trip! If you ever have a chance to read a book or listen to a talk by Francis Chan or Louie Giglio or even Andy Stanley take that opportunity! You won't be disappointed.