Friday, August 31, 2007

First Date

Today my husband and I went to Muncie and spent some time together without the kids. This was our first time since we moved here and we really needed it. We went out to eat at our new favorite place Johnny Carrinos and we experienced the "Fire Sticks" or "Dynomite" (that's what our waiter called it) appetizer. I only have 3 words for you: Delicous, Delectible, and Deliiiiiiightful! (I stole that from the Upside Down Show). When it came to our table we looked at each other and said, "This is an appetizer?". It was HUGE! Three HUGE Fire Sticks about a foot long each! Needless to say, we weren't hungry when our food got there, but it was worth it. Very tasty! Anyway, after that we went to look at PDA's for James so I could have his phone since my phone is broken and he can have a handy dandy notebook. Of course James had to look at the IPhone, which I will admit is pretty cool, no it was extremely cool. James reeeeeeeally wants it. He's like a little kid, seriously. I'm a woman, I don't get it. We left without buying anything, I know a miracle. We then went to Wal-mart, oh wonderful, beautiful Wal-mart where you can buy pretty much anything! I actually got to do my grocery shopping without hearing "mommy can we get this, can I get a toy, I just want a toy, just a little toy, please mom, one toy, I really want a toy!" Oh the simple things in life. It was a great day with my man and I can't wait for the second date!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just a little pick-me-up

Today God helped me do my first children's sermon. I felt good about it but I knew that I could have done better. It was neat to see all the kids' faces looking up at me eyes wide open ready for the next thing. God was with me and I felt that. The greatest encouragement I got was from Bob Chalfant. He came up and gave me a hug and said "It was really great seeing you up there, you did a good job". I almost just started crying because it reminded me of my dad, he was so sincere and loving. God knows just when I need a little encouragement, he never fails to give it to me at the exact time I am doubting myself. What a wonderful creator that loves us and cares about the little things.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letting Go
I took my kids to their first day of public school this morning and I bawled my eyes out! I didn't think I would have such a hard time, but there I was standing in the gym holding for my son the ever popular item to bring to school, big kleenex boxes, and I didn't even think about using them! Just so you know, Lucas and Sidney were just fine and even excited. The moment it really hit and the tears came hard is when Lucas waved his little hand and said "Bye, Mommy" and walked over to where his teacher was. No crying his eyes out, no fit throwing, just the image of him growing up right before my eyes. And my beautiful Sidney, a big second-grader who couldn't wait to see her friend Ally and sit by her. I was just blown away at their maturity. Why do I deserve such wonderful children? I thank God every day for them and I hope to be a good enough mom so that when they reach adulthood they know who their God is and that he loves them even more than I do (which I can't even imagine possible). Wow! That was some deep, serious stuff there. Maybe I need to add a little humor to tomorrows blog just to even it out! I want to thank all the moms out there for crying with me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My addiction to Facebook

Yes, I have an addiction to Facebook! I will admit it. Actually my addiction is adding too many applications to my Facebook. Seriously, I have poke, super poke (I don't really see the point but it looked cool), art, bible verse, moods, top friends ( I will say this, my popularity is going up!), my favorites, I-like, my questions, sticky notes, magnet words, and the list goes on . . . Okay, too much I know, BUT IT'S FUN! You need to check it out sometime if you haven't already, especially to see my two beautiful kids. And that reminds me that I am feeling a little sad because my two beautiful kids are starting school tomorrow! My baby Lucas is starting his first day of kindergarten and my sweet Sidney is starting second grade. I keep asking my kids if they are nervous or scared about tomorrow and all they can say is "No mommy, I'm ready, I can't wait, I'm excited!" I didn't get one, "I don't want to leave you mommy!" Darn it! You have to understand that last year when Sidney was in first and Lucas in pre-school I worked at the school they went to. I have always been at least in the same vicinity or room their whole year of school. And no I'm not the helicopter parent, Kris, if you're reading this! Needless to say, I'm a little sad. I know they will do fine, but I'm not so sure about mommy. I want to thank Pastor Kris for pushing me to start blogging, I'm really enjoying this!