Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey, Football, Family, and Beefstick

That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving in four words! I ate way too much food (especially mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes), watched more football in three days than I have my whole life, had a great time with my dad, and listened to my son say every two minutes, "Hey dad, I want some beefstick!" My dad came up from Branson, Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with us. My kids especially were excited because Grandpa is like their human jungle gym. It was really nice to spend more than a day with my dad which is what we usually do. We showed him around Muncie, went to Johnny Carrinos, and had his favorite dish, Italian Nachos! If you haven't had this flavorful treat for your tastebuds you are missing out! Soooooo good! A few things my dad really liked: Main Street Coffee, football, homemade chips at the Chocolate Moose, football, the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, football, throwing my kids on the love sack, eating beefstick, and yet more football. If you don't know what the love sack is, just picture the biggest bean bag you have ever seen, double that, and put memory foam inside. Oh yes, it's comfy. One thing I do need to say, "What happened to KU!!" I was so pumped to watch the game and they just couldn't pull out their best stuff. Frustrating! I've been a KU fan ever since I can remember, mostly their basketball team. This year, though, their football program came out of nowhere! It was awesome! So, as you can see my weekend was full of football, food, family, and don't forget about the beefstick! What could be better! Maybe a little less football next time and if I see another beefstick I think I'm going to puke!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear God,

How many of you start a prayer like this, "Dear God . . . ." or "Dear Heavenly Father . . ." ? I do it all the time, that's just the way I was always taught and have always heard growing up. In the movie, Evan Almighty, Evan Baxter starts to pray and he says, "Dear God" and ends it saying "Love, Evan". Sounds like he's writing a letter to God, not much feeling, just trying to get what he wants from God. It's a hilarous clip but it got me thinking. Why do we pray like we're writing a letter to God? It kinda seems too formal if you really think about it. James was talking about this the other day and he said all he says is "God, you are awesome" or "God we love you", come before him humbly and with thanks. I think God wants us to talk to him like he's our best friend becuase that's ultumately what God should be to us. Someone we go to constantly, someone we love, someone we can count on, someone who will pick us up when we are down, someone to lean on, someone to praise, and someone who loves us unconditionaly. Considering all this, I decided to start praying without saying "Dear God" and I have to say that it's helped me to be real before him. No formal words, no pretending to have it all together, just me and God. He knows my heart but he wants me to yearn for his presence. Try this little experiment and let me know if any thing is different about your prayer life. Please don't think that if you say "Dear God" he won't hear you, I am just saying be real before God and you will be amazed at what he shows you.