Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Let-Down!

So, today we were supposed to be driving to Kansas, however, the van's gage system was going bezerk on us. The van has been acting up occasionally but we thought it would be okay on the trip. WRONG! After we ate a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we got back in the van and it went crazy on us again. We didn't know how much gas we had or how fast we were going (even though everyone was passing us!) James made the executive decision when we got to Indianapolis, to turn around and go back for the car. When we got home, we sadly made the decision to start again early tomorrow morning. What a day! I hate it when you get your hopes up and prepared for something new and then all your hopes get dashed in a single moment. I know, I'm sounding really dramatic! I don't know why it bothered me so much, maybe becuase I really want to see my family and it's just one more day I have to wait. So, after a few tears were shed, God revealed to me that this happened for a reason and my attitude needed to get in check. I'm sure glad God has patience with me and it never runs out! I'm also glad my family has patience with me, especially my husband!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The right way to grill (written in honor of PK)

I just wanted to help PK out by posting a picture of what a grill is supposed to look like when in use. Notice how the hot dogs are cooking evenly and the fire is not too hot. I hope this helps you PK. Just wanted to be there for you. Also, fried green tomatoes go great with grilled hot dogs! If you haven't had them, please try them. It's the right amount of sour and salty mixed together for a great taste.

Now an expert bike rider!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

So, the other day I was watching Oprah (I know, I know, I only watch it when she does shows on food and gives out stuff!) She had Jessica Seinfield, Jerry Seinfield's wife, on the show and she was talking about her cookbook Deceptively Delicious. She hides vegtable puree in different foods becuase her kids are super picky. I had heard of this before and I was always like, "There is no way my kids would eat broccoli puree in brownies!" I kept watching and they took some of the food to an elementary class to see how well the kids liked it. They actually loved all the food! After that I kinda put it out of my head and then today I was at the Farmland Library Reading Bug program. I saw the cookbook displayed on the shelf so I decided to give it a try. Looking through it I found some yummy recipies that I think I will try the next couple weeks. You'll have to stay tuned to see if my kids go for the cauliflower puree in the scrambled eggs!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can I live here mom?

Well, the Pinkerton family along with some of the other pastors went up to Quaker Haven Camp this past week for Pastor's Short Course. The first day we were there my daughter turned and asked me, "Mom, I want to live here! Can we live here?" Right from the start my kids were lovin' it. It was really beautiful there and not too hot. Most of our time was spent on the beach playing in the sand. At first Sid and Lucas didn't want to go to the kid sessions while the adult were in their session, but by the end of the camp they were begging to go. The big reason was all the neat kids they met and hung out with. Both Sid and Lucas made one really good friend and I was so proud of them. The parts I really enjoyed were relaxing, hanging out with Tammy and Shelby. and the sessions with Wes Davis and Doug Shoemaker. I was reminded to just be real with my kids at church and to really pay attention to how they percieve what I am trying to share with them. Perception makes a huge difference in the way kids try to understand. I'm going to focus more on this idea and hopefully my kids at church will start living out what they are learning. Overall, a wonderful, relaxing mini-vacation.