Friday, August 31, 2007

First Date

Today my husband and I went to Muncie and spent some time together without the kids. This was our first time since we moved here and we really needed it. We went out to eat at our new favorite place Johnny Carrinos and we experienced the "Fire Sticks" or "Dynomite" (that's what our waiter called it) appetizer. I only have 3 words for you: Delicous, Delectible, and Deliiiiiiightful! (I stole that from the Upside Down Show). When it came to our table we looked at each other and said, "This is an appetizer?". It was HUGE! Three HUGE Fire Sticks about a foot long each! Needless to say, we weren't hungry when our food got there, but it was worth it. Very tasty! Anyway, after that we went to look at PDA's for James so I could have his phone since my phone is broken and he can have a handy dandy notebook. Of course James had to look at the IPhone, which I will admit is pretty cool, no it was extremely cool. James reeeeeeeally wants it. He's like a little kid, seriously. I'm a woman, I don't get it. We left without buying anything, I know a miracle. We then went to Wal-mart, oh wonderful, beautiful Wal-mart where you can buy pretty much anything! I actually got to do my grocery shopping without hearing "mommy can we get this, can I get a toy, I just want a toy, just a little toy, please mom, one toy, I really want a toy!" Oh the simple things in life. It was a great day with my man and I can't wait for the second date!

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Kris Sorensen said...

Tonya, You and James are both very photogenic; I love the picture of you two in your yellow bowling shirts. Has James lost weight?