Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letting Go
I took my kids to their first day of public school this morning and I bawled my eyes out! I didn't think I would have such a hard time, but there I was standing in the gym holding for my son the ever popular item to bring to school, big kleenex boxes, and I didn't even think about using them! Just so you know, Lucas and Sidney were just fine and even excited. The moment it really hit and the tears came hard is when Lucas waved his little hand and said "Bye, Mommy" and walked over to where his teacher was. No crying his eyes out, no fit throwing, just the image of him growing up right before my eyes. And my beautiful Sidney, a big second-grader who couldn't wait to see her friend Ally and sit by her. I was just blown away at their maturity. Why do I deserve such wonderful children? I thank God every day for them and I hope to be a good enough mom so that when they reach adulthood they know who their God is and that he loves them even more than I do (which I can't even imagine possible). Wow! That was some deep, serious stuff there. Maybe I need to add a little humor to tomorrows blog just to even it out! I want to thank all the moms out there for crying with me!


Mindy Pfohl said...

You are a strong person to let them go! I would have been a basket case. Joey goes to rehab and they really like to take them back by themselves (Joey accomplishes more when mommy isn't there!) I cried the first time and he was behind a door! Ha! So, I'm proud and I sympothize with you!

Cari said...

It is always hard letting our kids go off without us. I think next year will be the hardest for me, my youngest one will join her 3 siblings all day at school...I am just trying not to think about it.

Tricia said...

By 1:00 pm today I have changed 5 poopy diapers and am at my wits end. I just put them down for a nap and said to myself that I can't wait until they are older. Then I find your blog, which I am LOVING, and read this post. I am rethinking that comment and am thankful for the babies that I still have. I cried for you! I absolutely will do the same thing when their time comes for school, I am sure of it! Hang in there little momma : )