Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My addiction to Facebook

Yes, I have an addiction to Facebook! I will admit it. Actually my addiction is adding too many applications to my Facebook. Seriously, I have poke, super poke (I don't really see the point but it looked cool), art, bible verse, moods, top friends ( I will say this, my popularity is going up!), my favorites, I-like, my questions, sticky notes, magnet words, and the list goes on . . . Okay, too much I know, BUT IT'S FUN! You need to check it out sometime if you haven't already, especially to see my two beautiful kids. And that reminds me that I am feeling a little sad because my two beautiful kids are starting school tomorrow! My baby Lucas is starting his first day of kindergarten and my sweet Sidney is starting second grade. I keep asking my kids if they are nervous or scared about tomorrow and all they can say is "No mommy, I'm ready, I can't wait, I'm excited!" I didn't get one, "I don't want to leave you mommy!" Darn it! You have to understand that last year when Sidney was in first and Lucas in pre-school I worked at the school they went to. I have always been at least in the same vicinity or room their whole year of school. And no I'm not the helicopter parent, Kris, if you're reading this! Needless to say, I'm a little sad. I know they will do fine, but I'm not so sure about mommy. I want to thank Pastor Kris for pushing me to start blogging, I'm really enjoying this!


Kris Sorensen said...


Welcome to the blogging community!! I didn't have to twist your arm half as hard as James :)

Great first post. I've always found that blogging can be very cathartic... I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Jeffrey Pfohl said...

welcome to the club Tonya.

Derek Chalfant said...

Welcome aboard Tonya, I too look forward to checking out your blog and by the way facebook is most definately addictive and fun.

Marggy Hensley said...

Welcome Tonya - it's fun to have another way to share your life.
By the way when can we set up my Facebook tutorial?

Mindy Pfohl said...

Ok, what is face book? I must be too secluded... I am uneducated! So, feel free to educate me. Welcome aboard tonya! I'm going to be very excited to read your blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know your family better.