Friday, March 6, 2009

10 ways to tell your pastor that you love him

I found a website
dedicated to how a community of believers can appreciate their pastor all year long. Please take some time to read this and put it into practice. Your pastor will be grateful and more importantly he will feel loved.

1. Creatively communicate words of encouragement to your pastor, paying tribute to your pastor in as many ways you can.

2. Present your pastor with meaningful pastor appreciation gifts not only during pastor appreciation month but also throughout the year, making every Sunday Pastor Appreciation Day.

3. Actually listen to your pastor's sermons, one of the best pastor appreciation gestures you can make.

4. Better yet, apply the truth of your pastor's preaching to specific areas of your life.

5. If you nod your head during the sermon, do so because you are in agreement, not falling asleep. (Please avoid shaking your head "NO" should you disagree with something the pastor says during the sermon.)

6. Take notes during your pastor's preaching, hopefully of the sermon.

7. Say "amen" when the pastor proclaims Biblical truth, because "amen" means "so be it!" and "right on!". Say "amen" real loud but be careful because it will shock the pastor and some will think a revival is beginning.

8. Give a good report about your pastor, bragging about your pastor in such a way that your relatives and friends just might want to attend church just to meet such a wonderful person.

9. Borrow the pastor's car for an hour, gassing it up and washing it. Borrow the pastor's car for 2 hours, having the car detailed. Borrow the pastor's car forever, trading it in for a brand new model (it would be nice to pay the balance owing too).

10. Do something nice for the pastor's wife (that'll really shock him, he might actually think you understand how hard it is to be the wife of a pastor!)

I see pastor appreciation as a mark of a healthy church, a living illustration of God's grace, love, mercy and forgiveness.


Sue said...

Agree with all your points, Tonya. I can't imagine what the life of a pastor and his family would be like.

I really like the "Amening" part. I miss that! LOL

Tonya said...

Thanks Sue! And don't get me wrong, being a pastor or wife of a pastor is the only thing I want to do. I wouldn't trade where I am for anything.

Anonymous said...

AMEN1AMEN1AMEN that was so great, i agree with everything the article said.. love you and i am continuing to pray for the fire to fall (of the holy spirit) on your church. love, mom